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Everything is incredible from small things to start
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The world's misty rain, brought a trace of early winter chill, but it can not stop the million grid ? Le ushered in a number of guests - Chenghai District Council Secretary Chen Zhongzhong, accompanied by the Henan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Lu hope, Secretary for Commerce Wan Guomin and his entourage visited Wange headquarters!

Dr. Ching Lihe, the founder of Dr. Wange Le, soaked in a pot of Kung Fu tea for everyone to get rid of all the way tired and cold, and to introduce them to Dr. Wan Ge music research and development process, such as chatting often.

Tsai general manager accompanied us to visit the dazzling exhibition hall.

Science and technology education is our most important research and development in recent years, of course, national defense education is also very important. It is our education-oriented to apply the knowledge of science and technology education in the classroom to industry and life.

Dr. Wange Le went all the way, made a lot of incredible achievements, are adhering to the good water, reaching the best faith, not to small and not for everything from small things to start.

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